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VA LOAN Application Process

VA Loans are guaranteed through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. These VA loan options are available to Veterans, active Service members, and eligible spouses to help secure financing for home loans or refinancing through both banks and private lenders. Unique Refinancing Options are also available to active Military members and Veterans.

Review Loan Guidelines and 2023 Eligibility Requirements to see if you are eligible for a qualifying VA Loan.

1. Pre-Approval

Pre-Approval puts you in the best position to utilize your budget and make a strong offer on a home, by providing a preapproval letter. You will need to apply for a credit inquiry and provide financial and military documentation relevant to your home loan application.

2. The Home Search

Finding the perfect home to make an offer on is very important and is generally the best part of the process. There are many home options available through VA Home Loans: single-family homes, condos, multi-unit properties, and new construction. Manufactured and modular housing is also covered.

3. Getting Under Contract

It is important to complete this step with your loan officer and real estate agent. VA buyers have additional protections such as the allowance to back out of the deal if the property's appraisal value is too low.

4. Underwriting

Provided that the offer and contract meets the Department of Veteran’s Affairs requirements and eligibility, a third party appraiser will be assigned by the department to assess the property.

5. Closing the Deal

All of the contracts, forms, and arrangements will need to be verified and a Closing Disclosure will need to be completed prior to closing day. After final paperwork is signed and completed, you'll receive the keys to your new home.

Federal Loan

Get help buying, building, or renovating a home, find out if you qualify for a Federal VA Home Loan.

  • $0 Money Down
  • 100% Financing
  • No Mortgage Insurance
  • Low Interest Rates

For Veterans and eligible spouses.

Jumbo Loan

Veterans have access to unique benefits, especially with loans that exceed the Conforming Loan Limit, and apply for a VA Jumbo Loan.

  • Lower Interest Rates
  • Little to no Down Payment

This loan option is available for loans over $647,200 in both Oregon and Washington State.

Rehab Loan

There is a rehab loan option for Service members looking to purchase or refinance a particular Home.

This loan is an option to finance home repairs and home improvements.